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South Side Junior Tennis Camp

South Side Junior Tennis Camp

The South Side Junior Tennis Camp, (SSJTC) is held on the University of Chicago Lab School’s outdoor tennis courts. Students from both the Chicago International Charter School and elementary schools in close proximity to the University of Chicago Lab School are invited.

Each year the South Side Junior Tennis Camp tries to roll out something new in order to keep the interest of the children as well as raise of level of what we are offering. At the same time, we also want to continue to offer consistency in our programming. This summer, we will be having two sessions of four weeks. These will consist of hour sessions where we will split the ages and skill levels into groups to allow them to work on the basics of tennis and fundamentals. The more advanced group will spend more time with our coaches to focus on specific drills. This year we will be adding a Team Challenge on the last day of each session. This is an introduction to more structured level of playing that teaches players teamwork, sportsmanship and where they can go with tennis.

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