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Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association

Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association’s (GLASA) wheelchair tennis program reaches 50 individuals with physical disabilities and provides programming 45+ weeks per year. Program participants represent a diverse range of ages, abilities, and experience levels. The tennis program includes two key components- on-going weekly practices and learn to play tennis days. Sports wheelchairs are available to all participants who need to utilize adaptive equipment to participate.

On-going weekly practices: 10 individuals participate in GLASA’s weekly tennis practices. which last for 2 hours each Saturday afternoon. Recreational/new athletes learn the basics of the game while more advanced athletes prepare for competitions. High-quality coaching is provided by Mike Carrico and adult/experience athletes help to mentor and support younger and more inexperienced athletes. Attendees learn the rules of the game and develop their skills. Tennis skills and chair skill development help athletes to achieve their goals. Tennis practice takes place over 45 weeks per year. 

Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association (GLASA)

27864 Irma Lee Circle #101

Lake Forest, IL 60045

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