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Get Moving: Michelle Obama Encourages Tennis Play!

Get Moving: Michelle Obama Encourages Tennis Play!

On August 24, 2013, Michelle Obama teamed up with USTA at Arthur Ashe stadium in New York City to celebrate the U.S. Open’s 18th Annual Kids’ Day event.  This event brought together thousands of kids, families, tennis players and celebrities to honor the life and legacy of the tennis legend and humanitarian Arthur Ashe. The First Lady spoke to the kids and their families about the importance of staying active and announced a new commitment United States Tennis Association (USTA) pledged to the Partnership for a Healthier America in support of Let’s Move!

The First Lady shared her love for tennis as a way to stay healthy and fit but also shared with the crowd that she didn’t always have opportunities to play tennis as a kid. For this reason, she was thrilled to announce a commitment made by the USTA that enables more kids across the country to have access to new kid-sized tennis courts. The USTA has consistently supported the goals of Let’s Move! and is dedicated to making physical activity fun and accessible for kids. Over the next three years, the USTA will:

  • Develop at least 5,000 new kid-sized tennis courts in the U.S. with an emphasis on funding projects in diverse communities
  • Train at least 15,000 new coaches, teachers and volunteers to support the USTA’s Ten and Under Tennis program
  • Serve at least 300,000 youths in after-school and summer programs through National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) Network
  • Donate new tennis equipment to support programs at schools and youth facilities committed to offering the Ten and Under Tennis program

The First Lady concluded the event by reminding everyone that tennis is a sport that can be played for your entire life and can get your heart pumping no matter what your age!

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