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President’s Letter

Dear Supporter of Youth Tennis in Chicago:

This year 1,500 kids had access to a safe, supportive, potentially life changing environment to learn the “Game for Life”. Many of these children were provided with support beyond the courts and into the classroom.

This year 75 kids from under-served communities had access to the Nielsen Pro Tennis Championship Kids Day which provided exposure to professional competition – a special day they had never witnessed before.

This year 25 kids had access to world-class coaching, facilities, competition and mentorship through scholarships made available to Midtown Athletic Club’s junior tennis instructional programs.

These impactful successes were brought to you by the Chicago Tennis Patrons!

The Chicago Tennis Patrons believes that “Access” is a critical element to growing the game of tennis in the Chicagoland area and providing growth and opportunity for the underserved youth of our communities.

Programs supported by the Patrons provide Access to:

·       Tennis equipment

·       Instruction

·       Exercise

·       Companionship

·       Courts

·       Competition

·       Mentorship

·       Perspective

We need your help today to allow us to expand this access.

Your contribution will allow us expand the number of children we support and help to improve the quality, duration and effectiveness of Patron supported programs throughout the city and suburbs.

We thank you for your continuing support of the Patrons and the game of tennis.



The Chicago Tennis Patrons is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are 100% tax deductible.

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