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Chicago Tennis Hall of Fame

On August 24, 2004, Serve & Return Chicago, formerly Chicago Tennis Patrons, inaugurated the Chicago Tennis Hall of Fame with the intent to honor Chicago area tennis players who have contributed to the game as players, coaches, administrators or in other manners beneficial to the game.

The following criteria are considered for selecting nominees to the Hall of Fame:

  • Candidate must have excelled as a player and/or made a significant contribution to tennis.
  • Candidate must have lived in the Chicago District area for 10 years or more and must have high visibility in tennis, impact on the game or both. Residency at the time of consideration is not relevant.
  • Candidate must have served with distinction in the Chicago District, the Midwest Section, or the United States Tennis Association and made an outstanding contribution to tennis through their involvement.
  • Candidate must display the highest level of sportsmanship, character and achievement to be considered.
  • Posthumous recognition can be bestowed to deceased nominees.

Nominees for the Hall of Fame are selected by the Administrative Committee and included on a ballot for voting by the Hall of Fame Committee. The Administrative Committee consists of the following members:

  • Past President of the Chicago Tennis Patrons, (CTP) who is elected for a three year term by the CTP Board.
  • Current Presidents of CTP and Chicago District Tennis Association, (CDTA).
  • Current Director of CTP who is elected for a two year term by the CTP Board.
  • Current CTP Executive Director or a CDTA Officer appointed by the CDTA President.

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